Our Mission

Simplifying complex vehicle repair to keep the world moving.

NMG Mission
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Our Vision:

Values-Based Culture

Exemplifying our values and associated behaviors every day.

Empowered Team Members

Enabling employees to do their best work and growth through talent acquisition.

Environment Conscious

Maintaining awareness of our impact on our environment and protecting it.

Significant Growth

Achieved through new channel development and product expansion.

Optimizing Technologies

Leverage technology and data to remove pain points.

Transformative Innovation

Embracing risk and thinking big.

Global Reach

Achieved through worldwide partnerships and expansion.

Our Values:


  • Do the right thing when no one is watching
  • Be honest even if it is uncomfortable
  • Behave ethically and do what is right at all times


  • Treat others as you would want to be treated
  • Embrace diversity of all types
  • Create a safe work environment


  • Hold yourself/team accountable
  • Pursue excellence and act with a long-term focus
  • Innovate through continuous improvement
  • Reward performance


  • Embrace ideas and continuous improvement
  • Take risks and learn from mistakes
  • Be bold and think big
  • Be positive and enthusiastic for tasks at hand


  • Recognize your team before yourself
  • Listen/learn from others and their ideas
  • Take ownership for shortfalls and give credit for success